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Opatów is amazing because of its rich history and quite attractive alleys. Old times left many mementos: above the town, spreading in a valley of Opatówka River, there overlooks a wonderful St. Martin Collegiate – one of the most precious monuments of Romanian architecture in Poland. Next to it there is a big Warsaw Gate and pieces of defensive walls. You can also go for a walk under the city- through corridors of the underground tourist route. Visiting the neighboring areas of Opatów, you can come across many unique places: the castle in Tudorów, historic church in Ptkanów, Karwów – family land of Wincenty Kadłubek, parks which are characteristic for Opatów landscape, green, full of herbs and animals valley of Opatówka. Through Opatów and its areas there were leading important merchant trails which were helpful for city development. Even today  an interesting road ( Amber Trade Route) leads through Opatów. It is  one of the Greenways connecting regions which are attractive because of nature and eco tourism. These roads promote also healthy lifestyle. In Opatów, there are held many interesting local events, for example Opatowski Fair which is well known all over Poland.

Monuments and attractions of the region:

Ujazd – ruins of Krzyżtopór Castle (17 km away from Opatów). One of the most notable baronial castle from XVII c, built on the basis of Gregorian Calendar : 4 towers, 12 ball rooms, 365 windows. It had been the greatest residence of this type before Wersal times.

Święty Krzyż – one of the oldest sanctuaries in Poland. The symbol of Świętokrzyskie Mountains, located in the very heart of them, on Łysa Mountain. It is a place of cult and many pilgrimages from all over Poland. It was established in 1006 by Bolesław Krzywousty. The name is connected with relics of Saint Cross, which are kept in the church. In the monastery there is a museum with souvenirs brought from different mission expeditions.

Sandomierz – a city called a small Rome, situated on seven hills. It is a jewel of Świętokrzyski region.

Renaissance town hall, Church of St. Jacob, Royal Castle, Opatowska Gate, Cathedral from XIV c., Długosz House – these are just a few attractions waiting for tourists. In summer you can watch knights and ladies-in-waiting walking along the Old Town.

The Museum of Porcelain Manufactory established in 2005 in Ćmielów (16 km away from Opatów). Each visitor can observe the process of porcelain production, admire the newest collection, watch film about Ćmielów and see a lot of different attractions, feel and understand how these small pieces of art are created.

Pustelnia Złotego Lasu – Złoty Las Hermitage in Rytwiany was set in XVII c. monastery. The Church was saved and its inside is original. The complex is situated in a forest, far away from Rytwiany, where was the castle which belonged to Rytwińscy family.

Ski slopes – in the neighborhood of Opatów there are three ski slopes:

Because of the land relief ski slopes are not hilly and that is why they are ideal to start lessons of skiing. They are good for  children and adults. On the slope there is ski rental and possibility to learn skiing with a professional instructor. Ski slopes have ski lifts.